Would you like McDonald’s World Famous Fries® with that?

The iconic menu item has been around since the 1940s and loved the world over. Perfectly simple and delicious, McDonald’s fries conjure a craving, a craving so strong, you might even start to see fries everywhere.

The world is full of thin yellow objects, which were used as an advantage to amplify and dramatize the feeling of a craving. This approach allowed for the elimination of outdoor media as fries were everywhere with any yellow object becoming fair game as a prop for the concept.

We created a bespoke Fry Finder app that used image recognition, well before its time, to detect objects that were yellow and fry-like in shape. Partnering with Weibo and WeChat would then upload their images to our dedicated microsite. Once a user filled their empty McDonald’s Fries box they would instantly be rewarded with free fries to satisfy their craving.

Cannes - Bronze
One Club - Merit
Effies - Silver
Spikes - Gold