Coca-Cola's most successful marketing campaign of all-time

This campaign has now circled the globe a couple of times, but it all began at Ogilvy & Mather Sydney.

At the time, Coca-Cola was being pushed to the back of the shelf by new energy drink brands, vitamin waters and sports formulas. People were reaching for something other than a Coke. So, we thought to ourselves: what if you could replace one of the most famous names in the world with your name? 

Ushering in a new era of personalization, it's now been rolled out in every Coca-Cola market the world. 

Cannes Lions - Gold in Creative Effectiveness
Cannes Lions - Gold in Outdoor
Cannes Lions - Silver in Media
Cannes Lions - Bronze in PR
Cannes Lions - Bronze in Direct
Cannes Lions - Bronze in Media x 2
Cannes Lions - Bronze in Design
Cannes Lions - Bronze in Outdoor
Cannes Lions - Bronze in Digital
Cannes Lions - Shortlist x 12
D&AD - Wood Pencil in Integrated & Earned Media
D&AD - Wood Pencil in Digital Advertising
One Show - Silver - Branded Entertainment
Clio - Silver - Interactive
Clio - Silver - Innovative Media
Effies - Gold
Austrailan Campaign of the Decade
Business Insider’s Best Ad of the Decade
AdAge’s Best of the Decade Campaign
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King’s Cross Digital Installation:

Insider’s Secret: The first ever custom ‘Share a Coke’ can was for the name “Bort”